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제목 : ECE Testimony
I have many things that help me to succeed but today I want to talk some of them.

First one is my friends in the classroom.

Through the all courses that I’ve been taking, I could have a lot of resources that I actually can use in daycare centers. I and classmates shared our activities and it helps me to collect more information and ideas.

At the beginning of my course, I felt these people in my classroom are so nice and sweet. They welcomed everyone especially new people like me. Since this experience, I am used to sharing my idea with everyone and I could make strong networking with classmates for ECE. Even though some friends are on their practicum or finished their course, we still keep in touch often and share ECE information such as job posting, reference or ideas.

However, I felt uncomfortable with some people one day for some reasons but I realized that it is a small society and everyone is different, they can have their own things, and even though it is wrong, I do not need to upset at them, and from the experience, I could have stronger inner mind with my friends support.

Second is the best part! My secret is my instructor, Marketa Soldat. She is an amazing teacher who is very professional as an ECE teacher.

The reason why I can say this is that I can see her passion all the time in the class, she really tries to give us much information as much as she can, and she is very honest to us. Especially, I can trust her as my main teacher so whenever I am stuck in a situation or when I need help, I go to her asking some advice, then no matter what she listens to my story and helps me even though she is really busy doing her work. I want to be a teacher like her in the future and I respect her.

I learn a lot every class, and the things that I’ve learn are helpful to my career.

The last one is about school. All the staffs in the school are helping us a lot pretty fast. I am sure this campus processes something that I need very quickly which I love. And they are all very welcoming everyone.

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